If your retirement date is getting closer and aren’t sure you have saved enough, don’t worry. At Pence Financial Group, we are experienced in getting your retirement plan back on track. We understand the challenges of setting enough aside to fund your retirement goals, and we know how to make smart moves that will ensure you have the income you need when you leave the workforce.


Our experience in retirement planning makes us uniquely qualified to identify the obstacles you face and develop solutions to overcome them. Common concerns that our clients bring to the table early in the process include the following:

  • Will my savings support my desired lifestyle?
  • Can I afford to live where I want to?
  • What happens if I face unexpected medical expenses?
  • Is my portfolio properly balanced to maximize income while minimizing risk?
  • Can my assets withstand the pressures of economic ups and downs?
  • Will my income keep up with inflation?
  • Am I going to outlive my savings?
  • Can I afford to leave a financial legacy for my children and grandchildren?
  • Will I lose a large portion of my assets to income and estate taxes?
  • When should I start taking Social Security?
  • How soon should I begin withdrawals from my tax-advantaged retirement accounts?


Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan that alleviates these concerns. We start by taking a full inventory of your current financial situation. From there, we help you determine which of these issues you can disregard and which need a little more work, then we partner with you to create a strategy to achieve your goals.

Schedule a time to meet with our professional retirement planners to learn more about designing a custom financial plan that addresses your retirement goals.


Tell us your story and we will put together a comprehensive plan for any goals or circumstances in your life.


Leaving the workforce is a major milestone – and a big transition. Your income sources have changed in significant ways, and it can be unsettling to feel you are at the mercy of the markets.


For our C-Suite clients, In addition to where and how to invest your base salary, we can help you to create smart strategies for managing stock options, bonuses, and deferred compensation.


The financial challenges facing business owners are varied and complex. We have decades of experience in developing detailed financial plans for businesses of every size, and in every industry.


For years, your purpose was to ensure the way of life we enjoy in the United States endures. You took care of us. Now, let us help take care of you.


Every day you serve your communities. You put your life, your health, welfare at risk. Let us help ensure you don’t put your financial future, and that of your family, at risk, as well.

The financial professionals at Pence Financial Group strive to uphold the Fiduciary Standard of Care. At all times when providing advice to a Client, our financial professionals must always act in the best interest of the Client. We place the interests of the Client above the interests of the Firm. We must act with the care, skill, prudence and diligence that a prudent professional would exercise in light of the Client’s goals, risk tolerance, objectives and financial and personal circumstances.

Our financial professionals must comply with all objectives, policies, restrictions and other terms of the Engagement and all reasonable and lawful direction of the Client.